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Writing for you kids is so much more fun than writing for adults. Really. I’ve got the bug now. In the last two years I’ve written 4 books and loved every minute of it. If you’re 4 to 7 years-old there’s Here Come The Trolls! (BC Books) and Day of the Trolls!  which was launched at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival!

If you’re a bit older there’s Steve & FranDan Take on the World which is a totally gripping adventure story. The reviews on LoveReading4Kids say it all – ‘I stayed up till 11pm every night . . . Awesome with meaning . . . Checkout:

If you’re ever at a Troll or Steve & FranDan event at your school, a Festival or bookshop, please Be sure to come up and say hello!

I really look forward to seeing you!

Here Come the Trolls! has been featured on STV, radio and the press. ‘Such a wonderful book . . . such fun . . . cannot recommend it highly enough . . . should be on everybody’s shopping list to put a smile on everyone’s face . . . seems to evoke both Dr Seuss and Maurice Sendak at the same time. Naughty, rather than nasty; magical rather than monstrous.’

The children and staff enthused after our visit to Grange primary P2&3:
‘It was fantastic!’ One of the teachers.
‘The children had a ball and are still talking about the fun they had today. I look forward to hearing from you on the new release of your next book.’ Rosalind Veneroni (headmistress)

Since then Jim Hutcheson (the illustrator) and myself have begun on a series of troll events at schools, book festivals, bookshops etc.




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